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Athlete development, all in one place.

Sports Social Network with Leagues and NIL Opportunities.


Get Competitive with Epicplays

Capture and share your plays

Stand out and create your athletic profile with videos and stats that you can share with others.

Create or join leagues

Compete and level up your skills to achieve your athletic goals.

Epicplays for Teams

Power Up Performance

Set your team up for success with features that include seamless team communication, real-time game results and updates, easy assignment management, and a collaborative platform to enhance team performance and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epicplays?

Epicplays is a comprehensive sports platform designed to empower athletes, teams, and leagues to excel in their sports journey. With a focus on enhancing the sports experience, Epicplays offers a wide range of features to help you discover competitive leagues, showcase your skills, connect with fellow athletes, and manage all aspects of your sports engagements. Whether you're an athlete aiming to take your performance to the next level or a league manager looking to organize and elevate your leagues, Epicplays provides a dynamic space where sports enthusiasts can access high-level competition, enhance their skills, and connect with a thriving sports community.

What are "Plays" on Epicplays?

"Plays" on Epicplays refer to short video clips that allow athletes to showcase their skills, achievements, and memorable moments. Whether it's a stunning goal, an impressive dunk, or a game-changing move, you can capture these moments and share them with the Epicplays community. Plays help athletes connect, inspire, and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Can I manage a league on Epicplays?

Absolutely! Epicplays provides league management tools that allow you to create, organize, and manage leagues tailored to your sport. Whether you're a coach, team manager, or organizer, you can use our platform to set up leagues, schedule games, track results, and engage with participants. Our user-friendly interface makes league management efficient and hassle-free.

Early Reviews

Wholeheartedly endorsing Epicplays! It opens doors for players like my daughter Gisela to be discovered by top-tier talent scouts and recruiters from both American and European teams.

Carina Sanchez

Mother of 12-year-old soccer player

Being able to present my highlights and milestones in a structured fashion with Epicplays will enhance my potential for securing favorable sponsorship agreements and advancing my career management.

Alex Andino

Professional pickleball player

Stay up to date with games

Get the latest information from the league or team managers such as Live results, or team assignments.

Connect with a global community of passionate athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Unite, compete and elevate your sports journey with the help of others.

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